Funny. Practical. Imperfect.

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Man hangs on to woman’s’ bag as she goes to bathroom. “Wow, this is heavy!!” He says as she walks away. “Yes”, she replies over her shoulder, “it has my make up bag on it!”

As he stares at her departure, I hope to hell he is contemplating the weight of society’s forced standard of beauty. IMO she looks like a strong, pretty young woman.
Strong from carrying around that big, heavy bag o’ makeup, I guess!

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Archetype Soup

I haven’t wrote for such a long time

I miss the verbal connection to my creative self.

I long to move ahead with my life, maybe the non-writing is self sabotage…I notice it often.

My inner saboteur, I will learn to love you, too, as I love my inner wise woman and creative soul.

My wounded child cries, my inner mother soothes, my inner father, protects.

I smile, I return to center where I await.

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